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Verkoopprijs: €18000

 The best of both worlds flow together in this embryo. The dam line of this embryo includes former Olympic medal winner, London. And can fall back on a few market and strong figures from the show jumping sport! Not only is the grandmother, Oak's Grove Heartfelt, a true performance mare who reached the 165 level. Her grandmother Ta Belle van Sombeke also did that with excellence! It would be a disgrace not to study the entire pedigree of dam Cibelle/Heartfelt in detail. It is a true discovery of the multiplicity that this performance strain has brought about in the sport.
What makes it all the more interesting is father Emerald, he has also earned his stripes at the Olympics. What's more, he took a fantastic 2nd place in the World Cup final with Harrie Smolders and in the after years of his sports career, he was already frequently used in breeding. He is currently reaping the benefits of this, at the recent Belgian Championship for 8-year-olds the highest scaffold was filled by his offspring. Not only could they be found there, one of his descendants also took a place in the top ten of the most prestigious Grand Prix in the world.

The carrier mares are checked for pregnancy at moment of auction. 

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