Open your breeding season with a winner!


You were already amazed by the quality of free-jumpers? Get ready for the start of your breeding season 2021. One by one exclusive embryo's to auction over the world!
The chosen damlines are one by one top of the world! Emerald's dam, Close to Fragance, Back to Qerly Chin, GP CN International winner, the legendary Ratina Z or the Kreisker family. All these genetics comes to sires as Big Star, Emerald, Heartbreaker, or WBFSH Nr1 Chacco-Blue!
It's a filly! 
As a renommee auction-house, we try develop together with the clients need. During the last months the demand on sexed embryo's was increasingly higher than before. 
Due to the technology and knowhow of today it makes it possible to differentate the sex of the embryo's. For our first time we have 2 fillies and 1 stallion determinated and to offer for you. 
High Quality Embryos & Service
Each auction we strive for the best possible collection and for the best possible service for our clients! Over the years we built up the necessary experience and contacts for a flawless purchase which is always very much appreciated!
Each embryo is already several months pregnant in the carrier mare!
You can ask for a pregnancy / sex-determination report on
The whole collection contains 16 embryo’s where 2 are determined as a filly, one as a stallion. The Auctions starts on Friday 5 February and will end on Monday 8th 8pm. 


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